2017 Photography Resolutions of Professionals

Lexar Elite Photographers are at the top of their photography game. Even so, they continue to push themselves to exceed expectations and defy boundaries to create stunning work. As we start this new year, we asked them to share with us their photography resolutions for 2017. And their answers are as unique and creative as they are.                

Jeff Cable

Even though I’ve been a photographer for many years, I look forward each year to learning something new and pushing the boundaries a little further. In 2017, my resolution is to be a little less rigid and try to shoot more creatively. I want to shoot more off-angle and I want to push my creative lighting to a whole new level.



Mike Colón

My New Year’s resolution for 2017 is to start and complete a personal photography project and show the work in a fine-art gallery. I’ve been wanting to do this for years now. I have a feeling it will be a great experience and I’m looking forward to getting started!



Jay Dickman

In this new year, I look forward to continuing to be dazzled by life and all it presents, both photographically and personally. As a photographer, I consider myself a “generalist,” and I try to approach every photographic opportunity with the criteria that every situation has its best image, which I feel is a great filter and incentive.



Dixie Dixon

This year it is my goal to shoot more personal work and organize my marketing! Sometimes I get so busy shooting productions, that it makes it tricky to fit these in!  Personal work feeds the soul!



Greg Gorman 

In 2017, my photography resolution is to continue following my passion for personal projects and to not be afraid to step outside my comfort zone. I believe it is critical to follow your vision and push your creativity without being concerned with public opinion. My personal philosophy is, “keep them guessing and follow your heart.”



Scott Kelby

My resolution is to plan more time for each shoot to give myself the time to be more thoughtful about what I’m shooting. I want to have enough time to experiment and be creative, and to keep me and everyone on the set inspired and engaged. I want to enjoy the process more from beginning to end, and by allowing more time for each shoot, I free myself from the stress of a really tight schedule, and that gives me the freedom to fully immerse myself in the project, rather than just racing to get it done. I feel like I spent a lot of 2016 rushing through shoots, and when you’re stressed and rushing, it’s hard to get in “the zone” or feel inspired, and the work, and your spirit, start to suffer. I need that extra bit of breathing room to fuel my creativity, and that’s my resolution — to give myself the gift of time.



Andy Marcus

Our 2017 goal is to stay relevant to our clients and continue to provide them with the same amazing customer service and attention to detail that we have for over 75 years.



Joe McNally

For 2017, here at the studio, as always, there are great hopes and great fears. On January 1st, the year ahead always has wonderful possibilities, but it also looks long and uncertain. But we have good work lined up, and as always, we will pursue new work as tenaciously and creatively as we possibly can. We will tilt strongly into video and start to engage projects where the main goal is a good video, instead of the video effort being in the service of the still photographs made. These are of course practical objectives. As far as resolutions go, I can offer the same one I’ve had at the start of every year with a camera—do good work; don’t take the ups and downs (or myself) too seriously; maintain a sense of humor about this field and my place in it; treat everyone here at the studio fairly, and always know that our survival is the result of a team effort. And enjoy every day with a camera in hand, because, as hard as this is, making a living looking by looking through a lens is an amazing, hopeful thing. 



Moose Peterson

If I'm fortunate to be in front of amazing subjects with great stories to tell, and my talents and passion as a photographer bring them to life in my photographs, then all my resolutions for 2017 will be fulfilled.



Jamey Price

My photography resolution for 2017 is to shoot races a little differently than I did in 2016. Spend more time seeing the details, chasing light or shooting the race differently than I did in 2016. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when I visit the same locations several times a year.



Denis Reggie

My New Year’s resolution for 2017 is to continue searching for new creative ways to document brides that are REAL and unscripted. As a “wedding photo journalist” who does not pose clients, I am constantly looking for the most authentic moments to capture people.



Rick Sammon

At 66, my goal is to continue to inspire photographers to make, not simply take, good photographs. I want to encourage them to stop taking the so-called “iconic shots,” and to make the shots that convey the feeling of mood of the scene. My personal goal is to continue to travel the planet in search of pictures that are important to me.



Don Smith

With 2017 now here, I’ve set some lofty goals for my landscape photography business, mainly with the addition of new International Workshops. This will require a lot of travel to New Zealand, Iceland, Norway, and Argentina.

Scouting is a key part of my planning when looking at doing a new workshop. I want to be at the locations I plan to use at the time of year that I plan on offering the workshop. This allows me to see how the light interacts with the landscape, which is a key component of my photography and the way I teach.

All of this increased travel will be added on to my already tight schedule of teaching 17 domestic workshops.

Staying healthy and keeping in the best physical condition I can is a large part of what allows me to keep up this pace.



Roberto Valenzuela

My 2017 New Year's photography resolution is to explore new grounds with techniques and approaches that I don't usually do. I want to make myself feel uncomfortable again. This allows for growth and exploration as the gateway to discovery and creativity. Who wants to do the same thing over and over, right? We have got to challenge ourselves to grow as artists! 



Onne van der Wal

-Be more structured and methodical with backups be if at the office or while on assignment on the road.
-Trust and use the histogram 100% of the time.
-Always have a tripod close by and at least one full charged up battery in the bag.



Vincent Versace

My resolutions are to go back to my core basics, and to tell the truth and see the pretty in everything I photograph. Now more than ever we need to be reminded that the world is a beautiful place.



Stephen Wilkes

No matter what the year, New Year’s resolutions always seem to have the word "editing" in them for me. This year, perhaps even more so, as I'm finishing the herculean task of editing my recent Day to Night images from around the world. These new images will be a part of the collection for my upcoming book, Day To Night, published by Taschen in the Fall of 2017.