Ask the community: Is video the future of storytelling?


In May, the Lexar social media team partnered with the global photography community Art of Visuals for an online community event hosted on Instagram.

What is a community event, you ask? It’s an online forum held on a social platform, which takes place on a set day and time. We host several of these each year, and for this one, we invited our joint social communities to participate in an open discussion on photography and videography topics.

Inspired by the rapidly advancing video technology at the recent NAB show, we asked this community, “Is video content the future of storytelling?” We were so inspired by all of the great videography captured in 4K, using drones and other cameras, and blown away with all the great feedback and comments from both photographers and videographers alike—of all skill sets. We selected some of our favorite videos below, along with the insights that go along with them.


1. Sam Cahill

A post shared by Sam Cahill (@sam_cahill)

“I believe that video is the future of storytelling because of its power to draw an audience and encompass a crowd to focus on an entertaining story, like a book brought to life. I like to produce an unworldly kind of feel to my videos to provide the viewer with the same sensations and feelings that are being portrayed in the video.” -Sam Cahill


2. Stephen Barna

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“Videos are a way to share another reality with someone so that they can experience it for themselves. I believe videos are the future of storytelling because they allow a person to see more than just a snapshot. Videos are able to connect to the viewer by taking them into the moment as it progresses.” -Stephen Barna


3. Dino Reichmuth

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“I think that a well-made video can more intensely express how a moment felt than a good photo could. It’s possible to create an atmosphere by working with sound and moving images. Together, they create a really rich impression of the story you want to tell.” -Dino Reichmuth


4. Steven Tsinokas

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“ I think video will continue to be the future of storytelling. There are unlimited ways one can share a story through film and so many different aspects and techniques that can be explored to make each film a unique experience. You can share your stories in any way you can imagine through video, whether it is your travels, adventures, or a film idea, video is the future of storytelling.” -Steve Tsinokas


5. Justin Han

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“Yes, video is the future of storytelling because while a picture can capture and tell a story, a video can take that story and expand in detail. With a video, you can truly find yourself and feel the many and different aspects within it, telling the story through the use of sounds, moving visuals, changes, etc. A picture is only an image frozen in time, which lacks some explanation of the story, whereas a video allows the viewer to expand and explore that captured image, allowing the full story to be told.” -Justin Han


6. Rita and Alex

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“So many people say 'I wish a photo could convey the scale of this place.’ I think a video can do that. It's definitely the future.” -Rita and Alex


7. Joey Olekas


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“Film is just progressing more and more every day. I've said this for a while and don't get me wrong, photography will always be great and something special, but the way I see it photography has met its climax, it's progressed to its furthest. Whereas film just keep progressing and progressing. There's always something new being released, something new to step up the game that much more, whether a higher fps camera, higher resolution, better stability, etc. People are starting to see and realize the wonders of film. People will always love photography, and will always love receiving photos for memories, but ask yourself this question right now: Would you rather get a photo or a video clip to keep and share memories? Movement is a beautiful thing and film expresses it at its best! This is why I believe film is the future of storytelling.” -Joey Olekas

We’ve got additional community events with Art of Visuals in the works, so be sure to follow us on Instagram for more info!